Thursday, June 23, 2011

You want success


you are programmed for failure!

According to the Business world, you have about 4 per cent chance to be successful. According to Statistics on marriage, you have less than 50% chance to be successful. According to Statistics on almost any part of life, you have very little chance to be (what we would call successful).

Is there a better way?
First, lets take a look at our Education. If we have graduated form High School we have spent approximately 14,000 hours in the classroom. If we complete 4 years of College, it is another 5,000 hours in the classroom for a total of 19,000 hours. 
What have we learned?  See my other blog post.

               Yes, there is a better way!

After what Beth and I have been through, See about us but we know from experience that there is a better way.

No we have not, nor will we ever achieve the perfect success, but it is already way beyond what it would be if we were still drifting though life. Leading to a Better Life!

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve.

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